Who we are
Yelp started with a not-so-simple mission:

to connect people with great local businesses.

Our employees (or "Yelpers!") are a community dedicated to fulfilling our mission, living our values, and having fun while they're at it.

We’ve made diversity a top business priority.

Every day, diverse users and business owners use Yelp to meet a variety of needs. If we don’t have a commensurately diverse workforce designing features and partnering with local business owners, we can’t achieve our mission. That’s why we’re committed to increasing diversity and transparency at all levels of our organization. ​​​​​​​

Diversity at Yelp


Authenticity is our
​​​​​​​greatest strength

We believe magic happens when people with diverse perspectives and lived experiences bring their full selves to work. Join the next generation of diverse leaders in tech at Yelp and help us make our product the best it can be.
Don Draiper

Our numbers speak for themselves

Don Draiper

Our workforce serves everyone

Every local business has a unique story. Having a diverse workforce means our employees are better equipped to relate to and solve for the diverse problems our consumers and business owners face.

We stand with you

At Yelp, inclusion is just as important as diversity. We cultivate a sense of belonging through company-supported employee resource and affinity groups.
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Don Draiper

We celebrate together

Whether it’s employees hosting events, story-telling, or simply placing a sticker on their laptops with pride, celebrating diversity, getting curious, and learning together is a regular part of being a Yelper.

Sound like just the right place for you?
​​​​​​​Join us at Yelp!