We are a remote-first, distributed workforce

The majority of Yelp employees work remotely and have the option to spend one or more days a week at one of our offices.

Meet the future of work, at Yelp

Collaboration goes way beyond the walls of an office. The flexibility to work in a way that fits your lifestyle creates more possibilities for great ideas to come to life. You could be a Software Engineer in London collaborating with a Project Manager in San Francisco. Or an Account Executive in Boston cheering for your teammate in Phoenix. Wherever you are, every person at Yelp has a seat at the table with equal chances of success and opportunity, regardless of whether they are working from home or from a Yelp office.

Choose a great way to work

Our work model puts you (not offices) first by giving you greater flexibility to live where you want, and work where you’ll feel most productive.


From home

Most of our colleagues work from the comfort of their home.

Flexibility to live life on your terms
Gain back valuable time that would have otherwise been spent commuting to take care of things like childcare and personal hobbies.

Your ideas are seen and heard, even from home
Our meetings continue to happen in a digital space, even if the host is working from a Yelp office. This creates a more even playing field where all participants have the same opportunity to contribute.

Stay connected to your peers
Join regularly scheduled virtual events and team offsites to catch up with your peers or learn something new.

Monthly WFH reimbursement
All employees are eligible for a monthly work-from-home reimbursement to cover some of the costs of working from home like internet and phone bills.

Create a space you'll love
As a new employee, you can receive a one-time reimbursement of *$300 for purchases to help make your workspace more comfortable and productive.
*in your local currency


From a nearby Yelp office

Missing in-person collaboration, creativity, coffee chats, and hallway conversations? 

Optional office days
Coming into the office will be optional unless your role or visa specifically requires it — if you aren't comfortable with working in an office setting, you're welcome to work from home.

Desk reservation
You can choose to drop in from time to time and reserve a desk for the day. You can also access shared workspace for collaboration and reserve quiet conference rooms for meetings.

Amenities with a purpose
Our offices include amenities that foster a culture of collaboration and creativity for our distributed teams. Plus, you'll have access to fully-stocked kitchens and all the snacks you can eat!

COVID-19 safety
Safety is our top priority and we have policies and protocols in place to keep our employees and communities safe.

Yelp team spirit knows no boundaries

Every person belongs. Our culture is defined by much more than great perks. Brilliant people are what make Yelp such a great place to work.

Virtual gatherings.
​​​​​​​True connections.

A virtual environment allows folks from any location to come together to celebrate and understand each other's diversity, lift eachother up, and build stronger communities. There are over 17 Yelp Employee Resource Groups (YERGs) that regularly host virtual talks, events, and panels for folks with shared social identities, characteristics, or life experiences, as well as their allies. You can attend virtual events whether you choose to work from home or a Yelp office.
Corporate Careers static image
Corporate Careers static image

Status: Delivered

We've got a special delivery! Every quarter, thousands of Yelp Care Packages are packed and shipped to our team members across the world. Packages are often designed to honor community celebrations like Black History Month, Pride Month, and Women's History Month, to name a few. Each box is filled with various goodies and snacks that support local and minority-owned businesses on Yelp.

Learn, grow, and develop

No matter your work location, we value your success and career progression.

Individual contributors
Take control of your development through the individual contributor learning program, ON PURPOSE. This program consists of a variety of live courses led by Yelp's Learning & Development team.

ON PURPOSE courses include:
  • Owning Your Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management & Prioritization
  • StrengthsFinders
  • Peer to Peer Feedback

Managers and leaders
Our Professional Development Program for leaders is designed to elevate your existing management skills to become an engaging leader.

Corporate Careers static image
Corporate Careers static image

Our commitment to maintaining an equitable and safe environment for everyone

We want to build on our existing strong and collaborative culture by creating an environment that supports and fosters a thriving distributed workforce. We plan to focus on equitable opportunities for career advancement, equal benefits and resources, and regular communication with emphasis on connection.

Sound like just the right place for you?
​​​​​​​Join us at Yelp!