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Make a difference in local communities
as an Inside Sales Representative
From your go-to sandwich spot, to the local dive down the street (yeah, the one with the sticky floors), our favorite local businesses are opening their doors once again.

As millions of people use Yelp to connect to great local businesses, the mission of Inside Sales Representatives is more important now than it ever has been. With the help of Yelp Ads, Inside Sales Representatives help businesses get back into the action.
Don Draiper

Picture your day-to-day at Yelp

In your day-to-day life, you’ll get to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from dentists to florists to restaurants to educate them on the power of Yelp. In just a few weeks, you’ll know everything there is to know about Yelp’s advertising solutions. Plus, you’ll be part of  a robust training program that’ll show you invaluable skills in negotiation, relationship building, communication, and resilience.

We do things differently
We invest in your professional growth and life at home


You're on a path to $100k

There are 12 tiers in the Local Sales path, each unlocking a higher title, salary, and/or new bonus structures.
  • Average time between promotions is 6 months
  • Because you’re unlocking higher salaries and bonus structures with each promotion, you’ll get paid more in year 2 for doing the same amount of work you did in year 1.
  • Top Producers in Local Sales may earn $200k+ per year

This is not just a job. 
It’s the makings of a career. 

Whether you’ve recently graduated, or you’re early on in your career, the Yelp Sales Development Program (YSDP) will take your professional knowledge to a whole new level. From the start, you’ll team up with your manager for ongoing coaching and support. They’ll be able to guide you from personal experience, as they’ve spent some time doing your same role to make sure they know what it takes to succeed!
Best-In-Class Training Programs
  • 60 Day New Hire Onboarding Program
  • Management Development Program, and Apprenticeship Program
  • Qualify for award-winning, industry leading certification programming
  • Monthly Skill Bootcamp Workshops
Company-wide Learning Opportunities

  • Monthly workshops and guest speakers from industry experts 
  • Ongoing Individual Contributor and Leadership skill development series

Free Access to Bravely
  • Platform for on-demand confidential career coaching from vetted professionals

What does a #FiveStarCareer really  look like?

A career at Yelp is much more than just a job. Don't just take our word for it, hear what our Local Sales team has to say.
What is the best part about the Yelp Sales Development Program?

Answered by Brittany

Elite Account Executive
Phoenix, AZ

Tell us about the success you've been able to achieve in Sales at Yelp.

Answered by Tobias

Sr. Elite Local Client Director 2
Bridgeport, CT

Tell us about your first 90 days at Yelp.

Answered by Jason

Junior Account Executive
​​​​​​​Phoenix, AZ

What is the culture like at Yelp?

Answered by Jacob

Elite Account Director
Salt Lake City, UT

Tell us about the success you've been able to achieve in Sales at Yelp.

Answered by Franz

Elite Account Director 4
Chicago, IL

How has working at Yelp helped you grow professionally?

Answered by Will

Account Executive
​​​​​​​Phoenix, AZ

Tell us about your first 90 days at Yelp.

Answered by Andrew

Account Executive
Cumming, GA

Don Draiper

Our workforce serves everyone

Every local business has a unique story. Having a diverse workforce means our employees are better equipped to relate to and solve for the diverse problems our consumers and business owners face.

Growth happens here

"The most rewarding thing about Yelp is that there is no limit on your level of success and you can dial up or down depending on how successful you want to be at any given time."

Jake and Tim M.

Elite Account Executive & Elite Account Director

Sound exciting?

Are you someone who likes to learn and find opportunities to grow?
​​​​​​​We’ve got good news: We’re hiring bright people just like you!